Name A Seat

Have you ever dreamt of being part of history, of leaving a lasting legacy in the heart of Florence’s vibrant cultural scene? Here’s your chance!

By naming a seat in the Teatro della Signoria, you become a vital part of our beloved theater’s resurgence.

Why you should consider this unique opportunity?

Immortalize Your Connection:

Your name, or the name of a loved one, will be associated with this historic theater. It’s a meaningful way to celebrate your connection to the arts and to Florence.

Tell Your Story:

Dedicate your seat to someone special, celebrate a milestone, or honor a cherished memory. Each seat carries its own unique story.

Support the Arts:

Be part of an exclusive club of patrons who share your passion for the arts and the Teatro della Signoria. Your contribution goes beyond naming a seat; it supports the rebirth of this glorious theatre.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to make your mark in the Teatro della Signoria’s storied history and become a part of the ongoing legacy of this magnificent theater!

To Purchase a seat or for more information on other naming opportunities, please contact: